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The Silence

Watch The Silence (2019) Full Movie Streaming

The Silence tell story about "With the world under attack by deadly creatures who hunt by sound, a teen and her family seek refuge outside the city and encounter a mysterious cult..".

Cast : Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto, John Corbett, Kate Trotter, Kyle Breitkopf, Dempsey Bryk, Billy MacLellan, Chris Whitby, Barbara Gordon, Zoe Doyle, Cory O'Brien, Alex Hatz, Gregory Waters, Sarah Abbott, Kate Corbett, John Fray, Konima Parkinson-Jones, Dan Duran, Pat Kiernan, Annika Pergament, Helen Stevens, Callum Shoniker, Hannah Gordon, Taylor Love, Cesare Scarpone, Carson Durven, Ryan Turner, Luigi Raimondo

Available Formats :

  • Runtime : 91 minutes (1' 31")
  • Genre : Drama Thriller Fantasy Horror
  • Production : Constantin Film EMJAG Productions
  • Release : Mei 16, 2019
  • Countries : Germany
  • Languages : Bosanski